Bethlehem Steel announce s/t release for 9/13 release

by Woody on August 15, 2019

Brooklyn’s Bethlehem Steel are set to follow up on 2017’s excellent Party Naked Forever. The lead track, Bad Girl, is the best thing I’ve heard them do. The new album will see the light of day on 9/13 via the fine folks at Exploding In Sound. Here’s some info on the release from their site.

Taking stock of your experiences and your emotional health in solitude can be an empowering task, but enlisting the assistance of allies certainly never hurts, and Bethlehem Steel’s sophomore album is a testament to the value of togetherness in difficult times. Rebecca Ryskalczyk and Christina Puerto’s collaborative energy provide the animating force behind their self-titled sophomore album – a release that serves as guide, of sorts, for those reaching towards self-empowerment, and an illustration of the transformative power of female friendship as a force in overcoming trauma.

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Bethlehem Steel is here

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