B Boys – Dudu (album review)

by Woody on August 15, 2019

photo by Ian Bernacett

Over the course of 37 minutes and 15 minutes, Boys bludgeon you with a full speed post-punk attack. Inspired by The Clash and Wire, the trip spews their venom towards the travails of every day life. Andrew Kerr (drums) and Brendon Avalos (bass) trade vocals on tracks built Britton Walker riffs.

The album opens with the trio Cognitive Dissonance, Pressure Inside and Closer that set the tone for the album. Pressure Inside is the highlight early on with the boys having their say on the day to day rat race we all face. Automation follows with Walker bouncing back and forth between staccato guitar riffs and riffs that make you feel as if you’re on a run-away roller coaster. It is very well done and another highlight on an album full of them. Later on, I Want is another highlight; reminding me of something Andrew Savage would be singing on Light Up Gold.

While I wasn’t familiar with their debut Dada, I am now all in with the Brooklyn outfit. Looking forward to catching a live set at some point.

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