Mikal Cronin announces Seeker for 10/25

by Woody on August 1, 2019

Photo Credit: Max Mendelsohn

Mikal Cronin is back for his fourth album and his first in five years. The first track is an absolute winner and has me itching to hear the whole thing. Seeker will see the light of day on 10/25 via the fine folks at Merge. Here is some info from the PR team.

“‘Show Me’ is a song about feeling small in an overwhelming world,” says Cronin. “There’s a not-quite-subtle hint of the Heartbreakers in the instrumentation and arrangement, having asked many friends to play or sing. It’s one of my favorite songs from the album, I hope you like it too.”

Following a few rough years of touring, relationships beginning and ending, and writer’s block, Cronin decided to make a change. He packed up and retreated to Idyllwild, a small town in the mountains of southern California, where he spent a month in the cabin, alone. The solitude proved fruitful, with the bulk of Seeker being written and demoed during this time period. “It was so quiet and peaceful. I got weird looks at the store. I got bug bites that didn’t heal for months,” says Cronin. “I walked around a small lake a few times. I wrote. I took literally something that’s usually a hypothetical, something every artist thinks about doing. It worked.”

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