Angel Olsen announces All Mirrors for 10/4 release

by Woody on July 30, 2019

All Mirrors Cover Artwork
Photo Credit: Cameron McCool

I responded to the initial email I received about Angel Olsen with, “nah, not my speed.” A couple of years later, My Woman was my favorite album of 2016. All Mirrors will see the light of day on 10/24 via the fine folks at Jagjaguwar. Here’s some info from the PR squad.

On her vulnerable new album, All Mirrors, Olsen takes an introspective deep dive towards internal destinations and revelations. In the process of making this album, she found a new sound and voice, a blast of fury mixed with hard won self-acceptance. All Mirrors gets its claws into you on both micro and macro levels. Of course, there’s that singular vibrato, always so very close — seemingly simple, cooed phrases expand into massive ideas about the inability to love and universal loneliness. And then suddenly — huge string arrangements and bellowing synth swells emerge, propelling the apocalyptic tenor.

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Angel Olsen is here

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