Goon – Heaven Is Humming (album review)

by Woody on July 25, 2019

It has been three years since I first wrote about Goon. To say that I have been patient in waiting for their debut LP would be understatement. To say it was worth it would also be an understatement.

Led by Kenny Becker, Heaven Is Humming builds on the promise shown on their EPs. Undeniably influenced by 90s music, Becker does a great job at pacing the album. Sticking to the use of guitars, bass and drums; it’d be easy for the album to get monotonous as the songs bled into another. The ending of each “side” ends in cathartic number acoustic numbers in Snoqalmie and CCLL that offers up a new side of Goon after the initial four tracks of each side.

The proceeding four tracks of each side wonderfully blend in grunge, slacker indie and shoegaze. The opening track, F Jam, sounds like a Alice In Chains covering My Bloody Valentine. Its sludgy, fuzzy and excellent. Cammie At Night is another excellent tune that kicks off the grunge vibe, but importantly it doesn’t sound like he’s copying the sound that put Seattle on the map. Then there are tunes like Deny and Datura that let it rip.

Can’t say enough good things about this album. The songs are all excellent but there is real thought put into the composition of the album. And as one of the few remaining humans that enjoy listening to complete albums, it really makes my day.

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