Possible Humans announce Everybody Split for 8/2 release

by Woody on July 23, 2019

(photo credit: Melissa Fulton)

Melbourne’s Possible Humans debut LP, Everybody Split, will be out via the fine folks via Trouble In Mind Records. They play an interesting brand of post-punk. I wouldn’t say they sound like Interpol but the guitar riff kick off a hint of Sam Forgarino, which is certainly a good thing. Here’s some more info from the PR team.

Formed in 2012 as a loose amalgamation of some solo projects, they existed mostly by way of reckless and ambitionless improv jams in the city’s most notorious third-rate rehearsal space (now defunct). The group was initially four – Leon Cranswick and Hewitt brothers Steve, Mark and Adam – but soon Adam’s longtime partner in crime Samuel Tapper started showing up to fan the flames.

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Possible Humans are here

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