Kyle Craft – Showboat Honey (album review)

by Woody on July 18, 2019

Photo credit: Peter Karavias

For his third album, Craft continues to spread his musical wings while staying true to his love of the 70s. Now with a permanent backing band, aptly named Showboat Honey, Craft was more collaborative on this album than his prior efforts; often shooting demos to his bandmates and watching it grow from there. The opening track, Broken Mirror Pose was one that Craft noted in the PR piece. Sounding like something off Dr. Dog’s Fate, it is an excellent way to kick off the LP.

That’s followed up by Ol’ Lucky Hand, an intoxicating psych-pop tune that is set alight by a twangy guitar lick that reappears throughout the track. That is followed by 2 Ugly 4 NY, a garage-rock tunes that is built around a Stonesy riff. A few tracks later, Craft pours it out with the ballad, Deathwish Blue; one of the tracks that he performed entirely on his own. A few tracks later, you get an excellent mid-tempo fuzz rocker with Sunday Driver.

All in all, Craft just keeps getting better and better. The man is a real student of the game and I’m digging what he’s doing.

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