Sofia Bolt – Waves (album review)

by Woody on July 9, 2019

Sofia Bolt, the project of Paris-born/LA-based guitarist Amelie Rousseux, has really struck a nerve with me. Over this long weekend, whenever I was fussing around in the kitchen I immediately hit play on their debut LP, Waves. I might be going out on a limb here but the album title probably has something to do with her Rousseux’s move from Paris to LA and taking up surfing. It could also have something to do with ripples felt after moving across the world after a break-up. Whatever the deeper meaning may be, it is a captivating debut.

Her new home and hobby has an influence on the musical style as well. Their are surf-rock guitar licks over her indie pop tunes. The third track, Get Out Of My Head, has a crunchy surf lick that is almost drunk in feel. The song is about Rousseux wanting to forget her ex back in Paris so it fits so well and is really a clever way to build the track. We also get two versions of the title track with the latter being edited by Van Dyke Parks.

All told, this is an excellent debut and I am anxious to see where things go for her and her band.

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Sofia Bolt is here

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