Necking – Cut Your Teeth (album review)

by Woody on July 9, 2019

What are they putting in the water up in Vancouver this year? First Club Nites by Dumb and now Cut Your Teeth by Necking. I’m sure I’m forgetting some but I don’t recall any Vancouver bands hitting my radar since Japandroids. EIther way, it is nice to see the town kicking out excellent albums this year and I’m sure I’m only scratching the surface with these two.

Like Dumb, the four ladies of Necking – singer Hannah Karren, guitarist Nada Hayek, bassist Sonya R, and drummer Melissa Kuipers – play a brash form of post-punk that combines social commentary with a sharp wit. Their tunes take a feminist bent without beating you over to head and it works really well.

I had my twins in the car when the opening track, Big Mouth came on and let’s just say I got some looks from both of them. I was glad questions didn’t follow. Boss is another winner with the band turning their ire towards the male supervisor at their job.

This is a great debut and while I don’t ever want to break down Big Mouth with my daughter, I hope she finds her way to this album at some point in her life.

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Necking is here

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