Andrew Combs announces Ideal Man for 9/20 release

by Woody on June 25, 2019

Andrew Combs Photo By Fairlight Hubbard

Andrew Combs has announced the follow up to 2017’s excellent Canyons of My Mind. Ideal Man will see the light of day on 9/20 via the fine folks at New West Records.

Combs worked with some of his favorite writers for the album, including Joe Henry, Dylan LeBlanc, Jeff Trott, and Kenny Childers, but the stories he tells here are deeply personal and remarkably vulnerable. The songwriting was partly inspired by his recent fascination with painting. Combs started painting when his wife was pregnant (they welcomed a daughter in 2017). “It really changed the way that I write songs,” he reflects. “When I paint, I might start with a very abstract idea or maybe even just a feeling, but from there I’ll paint and scrape and paint and erase and keep on painting until something starts to take shape. I just let nature play out.” Enamored with the fresh creative avenues that painting opened up for him, Combs applied the same approach to his music, beginning songs with an emotion rather than a concept and treating lyrical and melodic ideas as raw material that could be added to or layered over at any point. When he heard the finished recordings, the songs in turn suggested entire canvases in his mind, and Combs began work on a series of oil paintings designed to accompany each track on the album. He plans on presenting the album and the paintings together in a gallery show surrounding the album release.

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