Jason Hawk Harris announces debut; Love & the Dark for 8/23 release

by Woody on June 20, 2019

Photo Credit – Daley Hake

“He kinda reminds me of a young Jason Isbell,” is something that more than one person said to me during his SXSW set at the Continental Club this past year. He is a worthy inclusion to the Bloodshot roster and if you consider yourself a fan of quality Americana, you should have August 23rd circled on your calendar. Here’s some info from the PR team.

Jason Hawk Harris hit rock bottom during the writing and recording of his debut full-length Love & the Dark. In the last few years, the Houston-born-and-raised, Los Angeles-based musician endured life-altering hardships—illness, death, familial strife, and addiction—yet from these trials, a luxuriant and confident vision of art country emerged.

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Jason Hawk Harris is here

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