Dumb – Club Nites (album review)

by Woody on June 18, 2019

Photo credit to Marisa Holmes

You ever have a friend that spends the whole night making pointed observations that are spot-on, mostly funny while being just mean enough to question whether you should be laughing or not. Club Nites is that but spanned over an album of post-punk and I for one, I am down with it.

Over the span of 14 tracks, front man Franco Rossini holds court on a typical evening’s proceedings. His lyrics are jaded as is if he’s just about had it with the whole lot of us. Hell, he even sings De Mas in Spanish just to make sure nobody is safe from his ire. The songs are short, the riffs are caustic and the whole time you’re feeling just a wee bit uncomfortable which is great.

Calling themselves Dumb is fall advertising as this is a clever album from start to finish. You’d be smart (see what I did there) to check these guys out.

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Dumb is here

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