Black Belt Eagle Scout announces At the Party With My Brown Friends; 8/30

by Woody on June 17, 2019

Photo Credit: Sarah Cass

Black Belt Eagle Scout – the project led by multi-instrumentalist Katherine Paul – announces her sophomore album, At the Party With My Brown Friends, out August 30th via Saddle Creek. Following up on her debut, Mother Of My Children, the first track, At The Party, is a winner. Here’s some more info from the PR team.

Lead single “At the Party” is a reflection on self-navigation and the comfort that comes from a close-knit group of friends. It starts off with quintessential Black Belt Eagle Scout guitar licks before heading into booming drums and vocals. The track was written while she was in her bedroom. “Within my conscious self, there is always a sense of questioning the legitimacy of the world when you grow up on an Indian reservation,” says Paul. “We are all at the party (the world), trying to navigate ourselves within a good or bad situation. I happen to be at the party with my brown friends- Indigenous, Black, POC who always have my back while we walk throughout this event called life.”

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