Stef Chura – Midnight (album release)

by Woody on June 14, 2019

photo credit: Chloe Sells

I am an unabashed addict of music. I am listening all day long, usually 8 to 10 albums a day. One of the great pleasures is when an artist takes a magical leap from one album to the next. For that is what happened here with Stef Chura’s sophomore release.

Chura is a kid that grew up 90s and early 00’s music and it shows. She’s compiled all these influences into her own meaty stew of impassioned vocals and gnarly guitar hooks. Helping her throughout the process is another indie vunderkind visionary in Will Toledo. Ah to be a fly on the wall as those two hashed shit out. That’s just too much musical smarts in one place. In fact, Toledo pops up on Sweet Sweet Midnight; a track that slowly dissolves into quirky electronic boops and punchy guitar licks. I’d give up my small toe to see them play that live.

I just got finished reading Meet Me In The Bathroom so the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are fresh on the old noggin’. And she rips off a couple of numbers that’d make Karen O proud. Method Man is one such number. She segues from that into Trumbull, a tune that sees Chura pouring it all out on a piano. Jumping Jack follows; a breakup track that seems straight forward enough before she hangs a left towards the end. That’s just great sequencing; an art that few still appreciate.

I can’t say enough good things about this album. Such an accomplishment for all involved.

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Stef Chura is here

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