Rose Dorn announces debut LP, Days You Were Leaving for 8/23

by Woody on June 12, 2019

(Photo Credit: Derec Patrick)

Rose Dorn is a trio out of CA consisting of self-described “Valley Kids,” Scarlet, Jamie and Joey. They play indie pop that instantly feels like it is from CA. Days You Were Leaving will see the light of day on August 23 via the fine folks at Bar None Records. Here’s some info from the PR squad.

Of the track the band explains, “‘Shaking’ is about a select few experiences we’ve seen spin people out of control, and the coping mechanisms that have brought them back to reality. While the experiences are largely disconnected, they all seem to be related by trauma of varying degrees, from the rejection by a supposed soulmate to the death of a loved one. It’s obviously pretty intense. I think that’s why we like it being a fun, upbeat song—we had fun playing with that gap between feeling and expression.

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Rose Dorn is here

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