Hiss Golden Messenger announces Terms Of Surrender for 9/20 release

by Woody on June 11, 2019

photo by Graham Tolbert

Hiss Golden Messenger, the prolific band led by M.C. Taylor, is back with their seventh album. Merge Records will be releasing Terms Of Surrender on 9/20. Hiss has long been a favorite of mine. I find the music so easy to connect with on a spiritual level. Here’s some more info via the PR machine.

The album’s ten songs touch on a myriad of emotions, inner conflict, and questions. Starting with opening track “I Need a Teacher,” the narrator longs for guidance to help navigate life’s endless challenges. The video for the song was shot during the statewide North Carolina Association of Educators’ Day of Action demonstration and features a glance into the eyes and faces of real teachers, children, and families that illustrate the humanity and what is at stake for our future.

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Hiss Golden Messenger is here

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