V.V. Lightbody release new single, Car Alarm

by Woody on June 10, 2019

Photo Credit: Rachel Winslow

V.V. Lightbody is the solo project of Vivian McConnell, a fixture in the Chicago indie scene. Following up on 2018’s Batching Peach, she has been releasing some new tracks this year. This is my favorite of the lot. Here’s some info the track from McConnell.

I was thinking a lot about death when I wrote this song, and in the moment it helped me to be tongue in cheek about it. The thought of me hypothetically trying to contact everyone in my life to let them know that I’m dying (or about to die?) made me laugh. The chorus pokes fun at being a selfishly dark artist, taking small human moments and exaggerating them into song, i.e. being “set off” by someone’s beauty, staying up all night chatting, exiting a situation because of guilt, etc.”

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V.V. Lightbody is here

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