Pip Blom – Boat (album review)

by Woody on June 4, 2019

Photo credit: Raymond van Mil

Pip Blom was one of my biggest misses of this past SXSW. I was all queued up to go see them one night around midnight but they were clear across town. Five or ten years ago, I would have hauled my ass down Congress but at 48, I couldn’t muster the energy to make the trek. After spinning Boat on repeat for a couple of weeks now, I am regretting that decision.

After releasing a couple of excellent lo-fi EPs, Pip Blom (that’s her name) assembled a band, hopped into the studio with Dave McCracken and released a peach of an album. Inspired by the 90s indie, it doesn’t come off as mimicry; rather it feels deferential. As if she’s trying to put her own spin on something that means so much to her.

The 10 tracks clock in just under 40 minutes are are built around warm inviting crunchy guitar licks by Pip and her brother Tender. From that base, Pip’s vocals take over. She has an unbelievable knack for having her words twist around the music; finding the valley or climbing to top of the mix. It would be easy to get buried or vice versa, have her vocals wash over everything. I don’t know if Tinfoil is my favorite track (tough to pick one) but that’s her best vocal work on the album.

There is nary a bad track among the ten tunes. It’s one of those albums that at the beginning of every tune, you think to yourself; “yep, this tune rips.” If I had to pick, I’d say Daddy Issues, Ruby and Sorry are some of my other favorites.

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