TK & The Holy Know-Nothings – Arguably OK (album review)

by Woody on May 30, 2019

Single Art Credit: Eric J. Loeffler

Fronted by Taylor Kingman, TK & The Holy Know-Nothings sounds like the bands that HearYa made their staple back in the beginning. In fact, they remind me a band that we bonded over back in the day, Deer Tick. Deer Tick always felt like they were one beer away from collapsing; clinging on to the day and this Portland outfit has that same vibe.

The second track, Emanuel, is a slow-burning twang gem. The track’s protagonist ingesting whatever they need to make it through the day – whether it be mainlining coffee or something with a little more kick. The Devil’s Point is a downer of a tune, but done so well.

On Arguably OK, Kingman realizes his dream of creating a bar band that could boogie while not losing sight of writing great tunes. He calls it psychedelic doom boogie and I’m here for it. Hard Times is just stupid good; a track that you could slip on to The Black Dirt Sessions without missing a beat. And the closer; Lord, Why’d You Make Me is a boozy bar twang ballad that feels as if it was recorded like on the spot.

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