Seratones announces POWER for 8/23 release

by Woody on May 28, 2019

(Credit: Dylan Glasgow Guice)

Hailing from Shreveport, The Seratones are back with their sophomore album. The band’s sound has pivoted a little but the draw here remains the powerhouse vocals of A.J. Haynes. Here’s Haynes on the album.

“We went through a pretty dramatic shift with this record,” says Haynes. “The band lineup, the creative process, the sound: all of it changed in ways that really reflected our growth and evolution.” On this record, Haynes showcases how vulnerability can be powerful, as her songs explore her years fighting for reproductive rights and serving as a counselor at one of Louisiana’s last remaining abortion providers, her advocacy for racial equality, her struggles to adapt and overcome, her love of poetry, and much more.

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Seratones are here

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