Dehd – Water (album review)

by Woody on May 14, 2019

Much like their set I took in during SXSW, Water had me skeptical a few tracks in, then I came around about midway through and at the end of it all; I said to myself, “Self, that was pretty fucking good.”

Chicago’s Dehd; comprised of Jason Balla, Emily Kempf, and Eric McGrady music sounds like scuzzy surf-punk that accidentally took one too many ambien. Born out of a break-up between Balla and Kempf, all but two of the thirteen tracks clock in under three minutes. They feel like little snippets of their lives; worked around these languid guitar riffs. Oddly enough, my favorite track, On My Side, is the longest. Balls runs point on the vocals but Kempf’s choruses are heartbreaking. It’s as if they are going through the healing process in front of you.

Other gems on this album include Lucky, Baby and Happy Again. Be sure to check em out live. They were one of my pleasant surprises at SXSW.

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