Rose Hotel announces I Will Only Come When It’s A Yes due 5/31/19

by Woody on May 3, 2019

Photo Credit: Casey Doran

Rose Hotel is the project of Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Jordan Reynolds. She has a lovely voice; warm and inviting. Fits her Americana-tinged tracks so well. Here’s some info from the PR squad.

On I Will Only Come When It’s A Yes, Reynolds’ vagabond spirit heavily influences her storytelling, which dissects crumbling relationships and the disorienting feelings of striking out on your own. Having attended 11 different schools growing up and recently relocating from the conservative college town of Bowling Green, KY to Atlanta’s sprawling Southern metropolis, much of the songwriting on the record pulls from experiences throughout her life when she has had to leave loved ones behind. She recalls mercurial romances, alongside uncertainty and even relief in the geographical separation from her old life. Rose Hotel’s lyrics possess a keen emotional intelligence, her most striking songs delivered from an old-soul’s heavy heart. From the project’s inception, Reynolds has honed in on a natural knack for processing complex emotional landscapes in precise, plaintive language: lines that are sweet on the surface, but soul-bruising on the second listen.

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Rose Hotel is here


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