Bleached announce Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough? for 7/12 release

by Woody on May 2, 2019

Photo Credit: Nicky Giraffe

Figured this was around the corner after Bleached released a new track a few weeks back and I’m ready for it. Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough? will see the light of day on July 12 via the fine folks at Dead Oceans. Here’s some info from the PR team.

Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough? is what Jennifer Clavin asked herself when she hit a turning point in her life. It’s also the title of the new Bleached record, out July 12th via Dead Oceans, and Jessie and Jennifer Clavin’s first LP written from a place of sobriety. That newfound perspective serves as the guiding force in every corner of its sound, yielding a courageous, honest, and sonically ambitious album. Throughout, the Clavins radiate the power and bravery of facing addiction, of letting go of the past and becoming open to a radically different future of self-love, acceptance, and newfound honesty.

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Bleached is here

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