The Yawpers – Human Question (album review)

by Woody on May 1, 2019

Photo credit: Megan Holmes

Next time I hear someone say rock is dead, I’m going to point them to The Yawpers and specifically this tasteful cardboard cutout of frontman Nate Cook. For their fourth album, the Denver trio tightened things up for their best album; a 38 minute effort that Cook wrote in a therapeutic state of mind. “I wanted to take a crack at using these songs as therapy, really,” Cook said. “I think I’ve always been inclined to write more towards the dregs of my psyche, and explore my depressions and trauma, rather than describe a way out.”

Human Question opens up with a couple of quintessential Yawpers tracks; you know the type that seem to be holding on for dear life – guitarist Jesse Parmet and drummer Alex Koshak just letting these bluesy psychobilly riffs rip while Cook wails over them. Hell, a little later on the album; the boys invite “Harry Connick Jr.” to help out on the maniacal Earn Your Heaven; one of Human Questions highlights. These are the types of tracks that lured me into The Yawpers web and keep me coming back.

But on Human Question, The Yawpers also manage to sand off a couple of the rough patches as well, sort of reminding me of when Elliott BROOD tone things down a bit; almost as if they’re trying their best to keep a lid on their energy. Man As Ghost, Carry Me and Where the Winters End really show a more mature seasoned approach to their music and I welcome it.

So in conclusion, as long as bands like The Yawpers are around, you can shove your Rock Is Dead thinkpieces up your ass.

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