Necking announce debut LP, Cut Your Teeth is out July 5th on Mint Records

by Woody on April 25, 2019

Photo credit to Kerria Grey

Necking is a Vancouver punk outfit that, based on this first track, is not afraid to get up in your grill. And I for one, am here for it. Cut Your Teeth is out July 5th via the fine folks at Mint Records

Necking became a band before playing a note of music together. The origin story of the Vancouver-based powerhouse post-punk quartet starts at a party where all four members met for the first time and began boasting untruths about their group’s musical accomplishments. Following a series of fake names including Britney Bitch and Four White Guys, they picked up instruments for real, quickly earning a rep for their live wire performances and no-holds-barred humour. This continues on the band’s debut LP, Cut Your Teeth, a collection of songs about dating woes, cybersex, and self-improvement. Ultimately focused on the friendship shared by the women of Necking, their main motivation is making themselves laugh.

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Necking is here

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