Esther Rose announces You Made It This Far for 8/23 release

by Woody on April 24, 2019

photo by Rush Jagoe

I’m familiar with Esther Rose’s work from when she sang with her ex, Luke Winslow-King. So I was pretty excited when I saw this release and the first track has me excited to hear more. Here’s some more info from the PR team.

“I’m always changing,” Esther Rose sings at the top of her sophomore album, You Made It This Far. The line is at once a promise and a plea, a concise distillation of her commitment to evolution as well as her dogged determination to meet every challenge in her path with unconditional acceptance. Laid-back yet deliberate, her delivery here marries old-school country and rural folk with a plainspoken philosophy that’s thoroughly modern, and the end result is a record that’s as joyful as it is restless, one that weaves fiddle and lap steel around profound revelations, late night conversations, and all the moments in between.

“There’s this theme of radical acceptance running through the whole album,” Rose explains. “I didn’t realize it until after I’d finished writing the songs, but they all came from this place of trying to understand and truly accept myself and others in our most vulnerable moments of confusion or despair.”

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Esther Rose is here

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