Shovels & Rope – By Blood (album review)

by Woody on April 17, 2019

Photo by Curtis Millard

There’s a reason that Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches are still popular. Cause they go great together and they’re dependable. While I can’t discern on whether Carrie Ann or Michael is the PB and who is the J, I do know that they sound phenomenal together and when they release a new album, you can depend on it being fantastic.

By Blood plays out as a book comprised of short stories; telling the tales of ten people; flawed but inherently good by nature. I’m Coming Out is a great opening track; more of a declaration of intent of what’s going to transpire over the next forty minutes.Mississippi Nuthin’ is Trent and Hearst at their best, telling the story of an aged Man’s jealousy at his high school girlfriend’s success as he plots his comeback. C’mon Utah is folksy genius. It also shares its title with their upcoming children’s book about a faithful stead returning families back home after Trump’s wall is torn down. They work in an excellent murder balled with Pretty Polly before closing the show down with the beautiful title track, a loving ode to their daughter.

Death, taxes and Shovels & Rope putting out excellent albums. These things I am certain of.

Shovels & Rope are here

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