Stella Donnelly – Beware of the Dogs (album review)

by Woody on April 12, 2019

photo credit – Pooneh Ghana

With a world in flux, Stella Donnelly’s music feels so timely. The song that announced her to the US was Boys Will Be Boys, a song that defiantly pushes back against the constant shaming of rape victims. The lead single on this album, Old Man, deals with putting men in their place,” whether it’s to an abusive man, a terrible boss, or a clueless significant other.”

If you heard just those two tunes, it’d be lazy to label her as some man-hating woman. But you’d be doing her and yourself a disservice. As a man, I feel like she’s not just singing to women. She’s singing to men as well, challenging us to be better not just in our action, but in our thinking as well. Her biting commentary knows no bounds. Lunch and Season’s Greetings deal with her life as a touring musician and the how she handles her new life back home in Australia.

I had the pleasure of catching Stella live last year. Her stage presence is something else. She was self-deprecating, yet confident. After seeing her live, I thought she was going to be something specai. Beware of the Dogs confirms it.

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