Bleached Return With New Single and Video, “Shitty Ballet”

by Woody on April 11, 2019

“Shitty Ballet” Single Artwork (Photo by Nicola Rowlands)

Bleached – the Los Angeles-based rock duo of sisters Jessica and Jennifer Clavin – return with a new single. Say what you want about SXSW but that’s where my opinion about Bleached turned. Now I’m all in and this new track is literally, music to my ears. Here’s some more info from the PR team.

“Shitty Ballet” is the first studio work from the Clavins relying heavily on acoustic guitars. Written in just a few hours in a deluge of heartbreak, the striking emotion of the demo stuck. They stayed true to its stripped-down original, starting off with minimal instrumentation before bursting through with a full band. The accompanying one shot video, directed by Giraffe Studios, shows the Clavins awash in soft, violet-tinted light, performing as masked ballet dancers, young and old, twirl alongside them.

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Bleached is here

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