Palehound announces Black Friday for June 7th

by Woody on April 9, 2019

Photo Credit: Bao Ngo

Palehound, the project of Ellen Kempner, is back with their third album, Black Friday. Palehound is one of my favorite bands that I’ve yet to see live. I hope to right that wrong this go-round. Here’s some more info from the PR squad on the song below.

A song Kempner wrote for her partner in the midst of his transitioning process. “Aaron is a character that represents my partner, who is trans. It’s not specific to his experience though, the song is about change in relation to our bodies in general,” she says. “It’s about learning to be comfortable in our skins, whether that means changing our bodies or mindsets. Robert Kolodny directed the video and captured this theme perfectly through portraying physical insecurity as living in an unruly, amorphous body and gradually shedding it.” The video is a House of Nod Production, directed by Robert Kolodny and with masks created by Gaudmother. With her hushed yet urgent vocals, Kempner harnesses her ability to draw so much power from a single word, turning “Aaron” into an indelibly tender expression of devotion and love.

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Palehound is here

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