Stef Chura announces Midnight for 6/7 release

by Woody on March 7, 2019

photo credit: Chloe Sells

Stef Chura is set to follow up 2017’s excellent Messes with Midnight; out June 7th via the fine folks at Saddle Creek. Messes was a raw, excellent album. For Midnight, she enlisted Will Toledo to handle the knobs and buttons, and there is a lot more going on here and I’m ready for it. Here’s some more info from the PR squad.

A couple of years on from the release of Messes, Stef is still based in Detroit, that most singular city which has seen it all, from the no-mans-land of its initial collapse through to the resurgent place it is now. Stef found inspiration from the people she surrounded with herself with, more so than the place itself. It’s no surprise that Midnight is testament to those kind of characteristics; a rugged and robust burst of defiance. “I’m usually dealing with the context of what I can’t say or haven’t said,” Stef says. “A kind of spiritual bondage that I would say most people, probably a lot of female bodied ones, put themselves through.”

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