She Keeps Bees announces Kinship for 5/10 release

by Woody on March 6, 2019

Photo by Anna Groth-Shive

She Keeps Bees is the married duo of Jess Larrabee and Andy LaPlant and they’re set to release their first album in five years. The new track utilizes less of the distorted guitars that I’d come to expect from them but and uses more keys. Andy’s tight beats and Jess’ powerful vocals remain. Kinship will see the light of day on May 10 via Ba Da Bing Records. Here’s some more info from the label.

Kinship takes aim at our current shared social and environmental woes, but from a learned vantage point. On “Coyote,” Larrabee finds inspiration in Katie Lee, a Folkways singer/actress/protestor who vocally opposed damming the Colorado River. Waters needed to flow their natural paths, she argued, and human intervention was destroying our environment. Likewise, Larrabee’s lyrics are odes to Nature’s dominance and its eternal victory, whereas humanity’s survival suffers a more tenuous fate. Larrabee sings “Carved by rain, by rivers, by streams / Flood the canyons / Drown everything / Ignore the rules of balance.”

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