Dehd announce Water for 5/10 release

by Woody on March 5, 2019

Dehd are the Chicago trio of Jason Balla, Emily Kempf, and Eric McGrady; vets of our city’s DIY scene. I’d best describe their music as some sort of hazy surf-punk. Whatever it is, I dig this track and any band that shoots their video at The Hideout has a fan in me. Water will see the light of day via the fine folks at Fire Talk. They will be all over Austin during SXSW. Here’s some info from the PR squad.

That easy relatability was tested around the time they began working on Water in August 2017, when Balla and Kempf, who had been dating since the band’s inception, went through an agonizing breakup. “Realistically, when you have a breakup, you want to isolate yourself and cut yourself off from one another,” Balla says. Instead, Dehd went on tour. The time in the van did them good, forcing each of them to come to terms with the way they felt about one another — and about the band.

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