Hand Habits – placeholder (album review)

by Woody on March 4, 2019

Photo by Aubrey Trinnamen

I’ve seen Meg Baird play guitar with Kevin Morby’s band a few times and always left bewildered at Meg’s playing. Their first album was more of a sparse affair but for the follow up, everything is so much more complete. And her playing, my goodness. Throughout, I constantly found myself referencing the playing of Nels Cline. Like Cline, Meg’s playing comes across as effortless but you know that they are pouring ounce of their being into every note.

There is a great line from their PR release that defines this album perfectly. The songs on this new album primarily confront the ways in which certain experiences can serve as a stepping stone on the road to self-discovery. Throughout the dozen tracks, you feel as if you’re on a journey with Meg; almost floating above as the experiences are lived out.

I almost feel guilty picking out individual tunes as this truly a perfectly constructed album but jessica (on the front end) and what lovers do (on the back end) smack me between the eyes on every listen. Even if it is on the background, I feel the need to stop and give it my full attention. I suggest you do the same.

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Hand Habits is here

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