Julia Jacklin – Crushing (album review)

by Woody on February 22, 2019

The fourth track of Julia Jacklin’s sophomore album is called Don’t Know How To Keep Loving You, a track about the dying embers of a relationship. I was driving in to work the first time I heard it and the connection was immediate. It’s a slow-burner, sort of like Neil Young & Crazy Horse. About half-way through, I am singing along and playing air drums. Did I know the words? No, but I sort of felt the need to chip in where I could. As the song was ending, I found myself saying, “no, no, no” to the car stereo as if I could magically make that song go on forever. It just is that good of a track.

Crushing was born during a time of transition. Two years of touring behind Don’t Let The Kids Win left her feeling suffocated. “This album came from spending two years touring and being in a relationship, and feeling like I never had any space of my own, For a long time I felt like my head was full of fear and my body was just this functional thing that carried me from point A to B, and writing these songs was like rejoining the two.”

Jacklin invites you into her tumult throughout. The first half is the more crunchy of the two. Ready To Party is another winner on the front end; detailing how friends pop up after a break up to tell you what they think you should be doing with you life now. Her vocals convey a measure of exasperation as it seems that she just wants a minute to grieve. The back half of the album downshifts. It feels as if Jacklin’s lyrics are lifted from a journal and her delivery does nothing to make me feel as if I’m wrong. Good Guy is heartbreaking and gorgeous; almost pleading for a way to connect. The closing track, Comfort, is the rare breakup track sung about the hopes and wishes of an ex moving on.

I am enamored with all things Jacklin and I am beyond excited to finally see her live in Chicago.

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