Jess Cornelius releases new single, No Difference

by Woody on February 21, 2019

Photo Credit: Rachael Pony Cassells

Up until today I had never heard of Jess Cornelius. But an email from her PR team, who had a sneaking suspicion that I’d enjoy it, changed that. Jess recently moved to LA from Australia to restart her career. Based on this track, she’s off to great start. It is a gorgeous track with a retro feel to it.

Written in Melbourne before moving to Los Angeles while trying to navigate everything going on in her life, the song is part self-help mantra, part blind fatalism. Its video, directed by Thomas Hyland, was filmed in a bathroom in Melbourne and features friends and acquaintances of Cornelius.

“We wanted to introduce the water element because of its cleansing/rebirthing properties, but water is also destructive, and the image of someone wearing a white suit in a full bathtub implies someone slightly unhinged,” says Cornelius. “We wanted to expand on this idea of rebirth by showing all these women having miniature moments of self-reckoning, which is what I feel people often do in the bathroom. We use the bathroom—and the bathroom mirror—to collect ourselves, to recover, to psych ourselves up, to escape, to self destruct, to castigate ourselves, to tally up our worth, to make deals with ourselves, to re-evaluate, to preen and primp and steel ourselves.”

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