Pip Blom announces Boat for 5/31 release

by Woody on January 23, 2019

Photo credit: Raymond van Mil

I’ve been digging the music of Pip Blom for a while and have been anxiously awaiting their debut LP. Well, the Dutch quartet have ended my waiting and on top of it all; they’re coming to SXSW. And based on their first track, they are going to be on my must-see list. Here’s some more info via the PR squad.

Today, that same plucky, head-on attitude characterises everything she does and it’s an absolute joy to behold – whether that’s witnessing her band’s powerfully impressive live show or listening to her honest, heart-on-sleeve approach to writing songs on record.

And Boat is emblematic of that – an open book of Pip Blom, delivered via her undeniable knack for writing a hook-laden, 3-4 minute song; planting it in your head and making it stay there looping days after first hearing it.

There’s the kinetic combination of guitars from herself and brother Tender Blom, the effortlessly captivating vocal range which can be authoritative and intent like in the driving album opener “Daddy Issues,” or soothing and warm as heard in melodic middle track “Bedhead.” Then there are the choruses that seem to stop songs in their tracks and lift them into a different stratosphere.

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Pip Blom is here

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