Lady Lamb announces Even In The Tremor for 4/5/19 release

by Woody on January 23, 2019

Even in the Tremor Cover Art by Erica Peplin

The music of Lady Lamb (aka Aly Spaltro) ticks off so many boxes for me. But it is the unpredictability of her music; you never where a tune is headed. I love that her tracks stretch out and take lefts when you could swear she should be turning right. Based on this first track, she’s still going to keep me guessing on Even In The Tremor; out April 5th via the fine folks at Ba Da Bing Records. Here’s some more info via the PR team.

For Even in the Tremor, Spaltro turned inwards. Throughout, she recalls specific memories – having a tantrum in a batting cage, being baptised by her parents in a kiddie pool, untangling her girlfriend’s wet hair, feeling out of place while watching workers on their lunch break in Manhattan – resulting in a collection of songs that are deeply rooted in the people and places, extraordinary and mundane, that have shaped her into the self-determining artist that she is today. “I’ve never let myself be this exposed before,” she says, “but this whole album is about facing who you are and fighting your way toward self-acceptance.”

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Lady Lamb is here

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