Matthew Logan Vazquez announces LIGHT’N UP for 2/22 release

by Woody on January 22, 2019

credit: Sean Mathis

Matthew Logan Vazquez, best known for his work fronting Delta Spirit is back with his third solo album. And based on the first track, it should be his best. I have always liked my Vazquez a little ragged and unpolished. And I think the time he spent making a really excellent album with Glorietta certainly helped him get back to that spirit. LIGHT’N UP will be out on 2/22 via Dine Alone Records. Here’s some more info on the album via the PR team.

LIGHT’N UP captures Matthew Logan Vasquez amid a season of deep despair. The dynamic Texas singer-songwriter wrote nine introspective songs in solitude while separated from his family during the darkest part of winter after loneliness set in. The day after Christmas in 2017, Vasquez’s wife, and their son moved to Norway to be closer with her Dad, who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. With a record to make and a tour planned, Vasquez had to stay behind.”If a record is the sum of a chapter in a person’s life, this is a yearbook for me. It’s who I was then. It’s what I was thinking and feeling – all the heartbreak and longing,” Vasquez says. “I usually don’t go this dark and put so many sad songs on a record.”

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