Strand Of Oaks announces Eraserland for 3/22 release

by Woody on January 16, 2019

Photo by Alysse Gafkajen

Our love affair with Tim Showalter’s music is well known. He is one of my favorite musicians to talk to and read about. To read in this press release, that Oaks was almost over until his pals at MMJ wrangled him into a studio left me fraught with concern. But then I hit play on the first track and that was all washed away. Eraserlandhead will be out on 3/22 via the fine folks at Dead Oceans.

Writer-producer Timothy Showalter has always used the highs and lows of his own life as the source material for his gut punching rock songs. Each of his experiences examined, mediated on and crafted into confessional albums for the world to share. The therapeutic experience of making art this way was often short lived, leading Showalter to bouts of depression and after 2017’s Hard Love, he found himself spent. Empty and determined that he would never write songs again, dark thoughts crept in and Showalter, concerned for his own well-being decided to go on a spiritual pilgrimage – to the Jersey Shore.

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Strand of Oaks is here

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