Nick Waterhouse announces s/t release for 3/8 release

by Woody on January 16, 2019

Photo – Zach Lewis

This track has a certain grime to it that reminds me of Nick’s first album and I’m all in for this. The self-titled release will be out on 3/8 via the fine folks at Innovative Leisure. Here’s some more info from the PR team.

There’s a reason why Nick chose to name this, his fourth album, his self-titled release. While he has always had a “style is all his own” according to NPR, this album is a deeper reflection of the cultural and emotional firmament that has made Nick the artist he is today: his passions and influences; his love and outrage. The music of Irma Thomas and Chico Hamilton; the films of Robert Siodmak and Adam Curtis. The good old bad days in San Francisco, Detroit, and Los Angeles. It’s an intoxicating world, and this album invites you to get lost in it.

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Nick Waterhouse is here

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