Priests announce sophomore album, The Seduction of Kansas for 4/5 release

by Woody on January 9, 2019

photo by Drew Hagelin

Priests are in their 8th year as a band and in 2017, their appeal and notoriety really took off with their debut LP, Nothing Feels Natural. I saw them a couple of times that year, including once at SXSW. They’ll be back on the road this year, including a stop in Austin. Here’s some info from the PR team.

It is dark and glittering—though there is still something fantastically off about it, decadent and uneasy at once. As journalist Thomas Frank explored in 2004’s What’s the Matter With Kansas?, the ideological sway of Kansas has often predicted the direction in which the U.S. will move—whether leaning socialist in the 1800s or going staunchly conservative in the 1980s. Illustrating Kansas’ potent place in our national imagination—as well as “a chorus of whoever is trying to persuade the social consciousness of Kansas”—Greer sings brilliantly of a “bloodthirsty cherub choir” in a cornfield, of “a drawn out charismatic parody of what a country through it used to be,” beckoning that “I’m the one who loves you.”

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