Shame – Songs of Praise

by Woody on December 4, 2018

I didn’t connect with this album til I wandered into the backyard of Hotel Vegas as Shame took the stage. The energy of the South London quintet was palpable. Two songs in and lead singer Charlie Steen was shirtless and bassist Josh Finerty was bounding around the stage like he was shot out of a cannon. It just all started to make sense and it has become the album I’ve dug into most since returning from SXSW.

The ten tracks bristle with an energy and anger that can only be found in youth. But the subjects he tackles and the deftness they display show a maturity beyond their age. Gold Hole is about a nasty old fucking man seducing a young woman in an exploitative manner. Tasteless sees Steen railing against the rampant consumerism and that’s followed by a full out rager in Donk. on Concrete Steen and Finerty fire verses back and forth, almost like an inner monologue debating whether to stay in a dead-end relationship.

Post-punk is a broad genre that fits many artists. Give me artists like Shame that make you feel every last note are the ones for me. This album has been a massive part of my 2018 rotation; always reaching for it when I need a jolt.

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