Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Sex & Food (album review)

by Woody on December 3, 2018

Photo – Neil Krug

I saw that tweet from Ruban Nielson and I have to say, he’s right. With each album, Nielsen along long-time contributors Kody Nielson and Jacob Portrait consistently paint outside the lines. There’s no genre they won’t dip their toes in and none that they won’t blur with another.

I was driving with my wife and upon hearing, Hunnybee, she commented that it reminded her of a Prince tune both in his vocals and the ripping guitar solo towards the end of the track. A couple of tunes later, during the fuzzed out chugging rocker, American Guilt, she posed the question as to whether this was the same band. Affirmative I responded and I went on to soapbox that a UMO album was like reaching into a musical grab bag. One pronounced eye roll later, we had shifted on to yacht rock stylings of Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays and she was utterly confused.

I think Nielson is one of the more under-appreciated innovators out there. Maybe innovate isn’t the right word. Maybe interpreter is the better word. He takes these disparate genres; runs them through the UMO prism and out comes something truly unique and beautiful.

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