didi – Like Memory Foam (album review)

by Woody on November 27, 2018

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didi, a four piece from Columbus, OH that came together in 2013 when singer/guitarist Meg Zakany and drummer Sheena McGrath began jamming together before getting singer/guitarist Kevin Bilapka-Arbelaez and singer/bassist Leslie Shimizu.

It took me a few listens to really find me way with this album. At first, I thought it was a solid enough album of 90s inspired indie rock. But as you began to peel away at the onion, you hear all four of the voices blending together to become one. Going back to read their PR, they make a point of stating that they wanted to “eschews a single charismatic leader in favor of allowing all members the freedom to write and sing.”

With the variety of voices, you’re going to get some interesting topics. muerde is one of my faves, sung in Spanish about the death of the “American Dream” and the struggle to stand back up in spite of cynicism and bigotry; it really feels timely now. A little later, heavy ghosts (looking back at an ended relationship) and moon jelly (about the natural powers that women possess) are a nice one-two.

The unpredictable nature of Like Memory Foam is its most endearing trait. You never know who’s going to pop on the vocals and once you’re locked into a tune, you never know how things are going to turn out. It’s a real fun album to keep digging away at.

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