Sloucher – Be True (album review)

by Woody on November 26, 2018

Photo credit: Eleanor Petry

Sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. You show me a picture of four white thirty-ish dudes from Seattle and I’m just expecting some 90s inspired indie guitar rock. And by golly, that’s just what I get here.

Fronted by Jay Clancy, the band kicks out 10 tracks to get your blood flowing. As guitarist, Kyle Musselwhite said about recording this new album, “We wanted to bring that new energy into Be True. In that process, I think we all realized we love playing loud and bringing more energy and gnarlier rock elements to it.” Mission accomplished. From the fuzzy opener, Blurring the Lines to the penultimate track, Up and Down, the quartet delivers the goods.

They’re going to need to grow on this album to really make a mark. But this is damn good debut by four talented musicians. For now, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this one while anxiously awaiting what they do next.

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