Varsity signs to Run To Cover, releases two singles

by Woody on October 31, 2018

Photo: Alexa Viscius

Varsity are a Chicago quintet fronted by Singer-keyboardist Stephanie Smith, guitarists Dylan Weschler and Pat Stanton; with brothers Jake and Paul Stolz manning the rhythm section. They play a real nice brand of indie pop and earlier this year released an LP, Parallel Person, that landed on my radar a bit ago. Now they’ve signed to Run To Cover and will be readying a new LP for 2019. To tide us over, they’ve released two new singles. Here’s Stephanie Smith on the tracks.

“Both of these songs were inspired by overheard conversations. A middle aged woman on her cell phone was lamenting to a friend about how she wanted to leave her husband, but the only problem was that the dogs only listened to him. I started wondering about how their relationship might’ve started and what kind of guy the husband might’ve been when they were just starting to date. Not too long after that a young couple sitting next to me at a coffee shop was talking loudly and openly about their hopes and dreams for the future and moving in together despite people telling them it was a bad idea. With the demise the cell phone woman’s marriage on my mind, I started to imagine how that young love might eventually fall apart. ‘The Dogs’ is about the beginning, and ‘UFO’ is about the end. ”
– Stephanie Smith of Varsity

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