Kills Birds release single Worthy Girl

by Woody on October 31, 2018

Photo Cred: Jenna Putnam

Kills Birds are an LA based quartet that none other than Kim Gordon described as (checks notes), “Hot As Fuck.” Fronted by Nina Ljeti, who reminds me Allison Mosshart, they are indeed hot as fuck. Check out their first single below and expect to hear lots more about this band. Here’s Ljeti on how the band came to be.

“Kills Birds started because Jacob (guitarist) and I wanted an outlet from all the frustrations we were feeling as artists in Los Angeles. It was just something we did together organically — we’d meet up at each other’s apartments and write these funny songs that felt like little secrets. Getting Bosh and Fielder on board came out of a desire to just hear our music our loud. Everything else came after that.” – Nina Ljeti.

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Kills Birds are here

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