Deep State announce The Path to Fast Oblivion for 2/1 release

by Woody on October 31, 2018

Deep State was a band that slipped by me during SXSW ’17. After that unfortunate turn of events, I became quite enamored with their debut Thought Garden. These guys kick out serious riffs and I am going to imagine are fantastic live. Here’s some more info via the PR squad.

Fitting somewhere between the historic rosters of indies like Merge and Fat Possum, Deep State flaunts both the speed and playful sound of typical garage rock while maintaining a deliberate tightness and control of their sound. The lyrical content of the new album goes deeper and darker than before, fitting for the current era. “Under the Gun,” explains frontman Taylor Chmura, is about “a man who has lost touch, yet is extremely narcissistic, only notices colors, inanimate objects, entitlement, hateful underneath it all. Faced with any pressure, denies accountability for anything.”

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