didi announces like memory foam for 11/22 release

by Woody on October 16, 2018

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didi are a quartet that got their start in Columbus, OH. Singer/guitarist Meg Zakany and drummer Sheena McGrath met at school and subsequently recruited singer/guitarist Kevin Bilapka-Arbelaez and singer/bassist Leslie Shimizu from the local DIY scene. If you are a fan of Speedy, Diet Cig or Swearin’, I’d check these guys out. Here’s some more info on their sophomore album from the PR team.

On their sophomore album, like memory foam, Zakany, Bilapka-Arbelaez and Shimizu all lend their voices to songs that seek to explore, among other things, the power of an ambiguous identity, be it in terms of race, gender, class or otherwise, to navigate difficult or guarded conversations (“anzaldúa”); the pain of forgetting what once seemed to be an unforgettable love (“heavy ghosts”); and the sting a woman is capable of in the face of an unchecked man socialized to underestimate her (“moon jelly”).

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didi is here

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